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12 Steps to Designing Your Home

1. Design Consult

Meet with our Designer to go through a comprehensive interview and review your wishlist to collaboratively design your dream home.

2. Designing the Plans

We will design your blue prints to your newly customized home. We will review and revise them until you are 100% satisfied.

3. Exterior Design Consult

The Designer will show you all the different and new exterior materials for your home. She will then put all your exterior materials together on a 3-D Photo Rendering so you can visualize what your new home.

 4. Framing Walk-Through  

Sometimes it hard to visualize your house by looking at the blue prints, which is why the Designer will walk through the home with you when all the walls are up. This way you can see if you are happy with the space we have created. Sometimes you might want to add an alcove to hang your favorite painting or changing the size of a certain window to create the perfect environment in a room.

5. Lighting and Electrical Walk-Through

Lighting is very important to give your room that special mood. In this walk- through the Designer will go through what type of lighting is best for each room and what size of light to look for. As well, equally important and often missed, is the proper placement of electrical outlets based on the client’s needs. We will also discuss possible options for Smart Wiring your home.

6. Plumbing Walk -Through

Did you know our Designer will design bathroom vanities so that your powder room is one of a kind? She will go over options to give your bathrooms flare. As well, she will go over proper plumbing fixtures and options for toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers.

7. Flooring Walk-Through

Our Designer will do a consult to inform you of new flooring trends and to determine what type of flooring is best suited for your home. Because people are busy with work and family our Designer will pick up samples and bring them to you. As well, she will put the samples together in the different rooms of your home so you can get a feel of how it will look in your newly created space.

8. Kitchen Consult

This is one of the most important rooms in your homes. Our Designer will sit down with you to look at all the different styles of kitchens. She will design and create a 3-D model of your kitchen so you can visually see the end result. There is so much to add to a kitchen to give it function and style you want and our Designer is here to give you all the options.

9. The Moulding and Millwork Walk-Through

In this walk through our Designer will introduce all the different types of moulding, fireplace mantles, feature walls and discuss different options for staircase railing.

10. Color Consult

Paint is another very important choice for your home because color trends are always changing. Our Designer will  review color trends and give you ideas on how to accent your walls with color to give your home that one of a kind look. If we can’t find that perfect color for your walls our Designer can also create Custom Paint Colors just for you.

11.  Interior Design

Ellason Signature Homes holds wholesale accounts in wallpaper, window coverings and furniture and all our clients are privileged  to all our wholesale pricing. As well, our Designer works with local artist to help bring your walls to life.

12. Landscaping Consult

No house is complete without creating a bit of green space. We have two options for our clients. For our do-it-yourself clients who have that green thumb and want to save money, our builder will do the initial consultation then together you will go to our wholesaler to pick up your trees. For those that have more grand plans, we will set you up with one of our trusted landscape design companies.

At Ellason Homes we have thought of every step to creating that perfect home just for you.

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