Conscientious Customer Service

At Ellason Signature Homes we are dedicated to your satisfaction. You can count on attentive service and unquestionable integrity throughout the building process. But our customer service doesn’t end when your house is complete. We welcome your questions and concerns once you move in and we will give every client a courteous six month call and a one-year walk through to see how you are enjoying your masterfully built home. We believe in excellence, it’s our Promise.

Home Warranty

Every Ellason Signature Home is covered by a Pacific Home Warranty. Rest assured you are in good hands with Pacific Home Warranty. Each Warranty Member Builder must pass an extensive membership approval process that includes detailed financial underwriting, a review of the Member's technical qualifications, an investigation of the Member's customer service history and a collection of multiple references. It would be impossible for you as a potential client to learn this much about Ellason Signature Homes, but thanks to the Pacific Home Warranty underwriting process this work has all been done for you.

We at Ellason Signature Homes have a 100% customer satisfaction rating. Feel free to contact Pacific Home Warranty to learn more about how your newly built home is thoroughly protected.